About Me

I am a mother, sister, wife, photographer, and lover of life. I believe that boudoir is fun, sexy, and a celebration of everything that makes us human. There is so much beauty within us; from a gorgeous smile to confrontational gaze to the batting of eyelashes to a to a quite reflective moment alone. We need to embrace our own beauty.




Did you know...

I have done my own boudoir session and am planning another. I still hate my thighs but I no longer let that stop me!

I believe TACOS and WINE are the secrets to a happy life.

I LOVE CrossFit! It is bad-ass and so are the people and I love that!!

SOCKS! Seriously I love knee high socks and the brighter the better!

You are just as likely to see me at a Five Finger Death Punch Concert as you would see me at the Symphony! All music has a place on my playlist!